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Cheap Jerseys China.Cardinals Bruce – Ariane confirmed on Wednesday that the newly renewed player, Andre Ellington, would be used as a receiver next season. It also makes the replacement of David Johnson on the 2nd runners are uncertain.But Arians do not think this is a big problem. Johnson last season to complete 293 times the ball and 80 times the ball, averaging 23.3 times the ball ranked league offensive player first.NFL Jerseys China. And Arians said the figure will continue to grow next season, because Johnson “young and durable.”According to ESPN reports, Arians said: “Yes, I want him to touch the ball 30 times, because he was the key to attack, whether as a receiver, or in the backcourt, in the slot, in the red ball, he Are potential means of attack. “But Johnson’s young and can not block all the injuries for him, if Ariane handled properly, then a ball catch the ball double thousand yards season is not impossible.Recently we learned that CBS and FOX radio are eager to hire Dallas cowboy quarterback Tony – Romo.From the news of Twitter, CBS hopes that Romo can replace Phil Simms position.Previously, Sims and Jim Nantz co-chaired CBS’s NFL ranking program, and if Romo chose to retire, he would be one of them.NFL Jerseys Cheap.

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